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Walk-ins preferred but we also gladly take appointments.
The process from start to finish takes between 10-15 minutes to print, transmit and pay. Then you are on your way!


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At Fingerprinting INK, we take your needs seriously and understand fingerprint results are used in clearing you for a job to provide for your family or to become a volunteer allowing you to help others.
Technology has enabled us to submit fingerprints electronically which has cut down on processing time; allowing the results to generate much quicker than in years past.


Our electronic fingerprinting process has substantially reduced the number of submission rejections thanks to the HandGuider technology installed on the machine. This software reduces the need to recapture and reduces overall processing time. Resulting in a much more accurate and reliable finished product.


 Here at Fingerprinting INK we believe in ensuring that your data and personal information is secure from start to finish. As such, all employees must pass an FBI background check as part of the hiring process.

In addition, all information is sent encrypted to the proper government agencies; because at Fingerprinting INK, we take your privacy very seriously.


A Convenient Solution


Many industries and regulatory agencies in Nevada require the submission of legible fingerprints for many reasons, such as licensing, employment, or working with children. Fingerprinting INK has met the security requirements set forth by The Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) to electronically transmit fingerprints.

If you are required to obtain fingerprints for Department of Health and Human Services, State Board of Pharmacy, Board of Accountancy, Private Investigator’s Licensing Board, Gaming Control Board, an employment requirement or need to obtain fingerprints for any other purpose Fingerprinting INK is quick and convenient solution. 


Fingerprinting INK is committed to making the process easy and simple.

What is Livescan

Livescan is the latest technology in use today for capturing fingerprints. The Livescan device electronically captures the fingerprint image. The image is then laser scanned onto a fingerprint card (FD-258) or sent electronically to the Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS).

This new technology does away with the old 'roll and ink system.' Which was messy and sometimes unreliable causing prints to be re-done.

Livescan devices have now become the norm for criminal booking, sexual offender registration, civil applicant and background checks nationwide.